What’s the advatages of PEEK valve seats?

PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) was developed by ICI (British chemical industry corporation) in 1978. Subsequently, it was also developed by DuPont, BASF, Mitsui optoelectronic co., LTD., VICTREX and Eltep (United States). As a kind of high-performance polymer material, PEEK is characterized by low creep variable, high elastic modulus, excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, non-toxic, flame retardant, still maintain good performance even at high temperature/pressure and high humidity under the poor working conditions, can be used for high temperature and high-pressure valves, nuclear valves, pump compressor valve plates, piston rings, valve and the core of the sealing parts. Why PEEK valves are so popular that depends on PEEK’s excellent characteristics.

High temperature resistant
PEEK resin offers a high melting point (334℃) and glass transition temperature (143 ℃). Its continuous use temperature can be up to 260℃and load thermal transformation temperature of 30%GF or CF reinforced brand is up to 316℃.

Mechanical properties
PEEK raw material resin has good toughness and rigidity, and it has excellent fatigue resistance to alternating stress comparable to alloy materials.

Flame retardant: flammability of materials, which is specified in standards UL94, is the ability to maintain combustion after being ignited with high energy from oxygen and nitrogen mixtures. First, a vertical sample of a certain shape is ignited, and then measured the time taken by the material to automatically extinguish. PEEK test results are v-0, which is the optimal level of flame retardancy.

Stability: PEEK plastic materials have superior dimensional stability, which is important for some applications. The environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity have little impact on the size of PEEK parts which can meet the requirements of high dimensional accuracy.

  1. PEEK plastic raw material has a small shrinkage in injection molding, which is beneficial to control the dimensional tolerance range of PEEK injection parts, making the dimensional accuracy of PEEK parts much higher than that of general plastics;
  2. Small coefficient of thermal expansion. The size of PEEK parts changes little with the change of temperature (which may be caused by the change of ambient temperature or friction heating during operation).
  3. Good dimensional stability. The dimensional stability of plastics refers to the dimensional stability of engineering plastics in the process of usage or storage. This dimensional change is mainly due to the increase of activation energy of polymer molecules caused by some degree of a crimp in the chain segment.
  4. Outstanding thermal hydrolysis performance. PEEK is low in water absorption under high temperature and humidity. No obvious change in size caused by water absorption of common plastics like Nylon.

PEEK was developed in just two decades, has been widely used in oil and gas, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, electronics, medical and food processing and other fields. In the oil and gas industry, PEEK’s exceptional performance makes it ideal for use as a primary sealing part.

The PERFECT company manufactured and supplied industrial valve with PEEK soft seats and we strive to provide with high-quality, specialty valves as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whatever it is you are looking for, PERFECT will help you to find the appropriate product in the suitable application.

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