Spring energized seal gaskets/rings

The spring energized gaskets (Spring Seal) are composed with high performance Polymer materials and corrosion resistant metal ring or spring. This type of gasket is designed to operate at cryogenic temperatures at -200 ° C to high temperatures up to 300 ° C or more.

The inner spring is installed in the groove, the tension (elasticity) formed by the compression spring to make the sealing lip close to the groove can make up for the wear of the sealing shell and the eccentricity of matching parts, forming the sealing from vacuum to low pressure. The greater the pressure, the tighter the sealing lip and groove fit.

The metal springs may take the spiral or comb form( O-shaped, V-shaped and U-shaped) to meet the sealing requirements of different movements. In some cases, it can be used as elastomer O-ring instead of metal spring.

The outer ring is machined from high-performance polymeric materials like PTFE, PEEK, PTFE, Dyneon and other most resistant polymers, suitable for temperatures ranging from -196 ° C to +296 ° C, isolating almost all liquids, chemicals and gases and allowing unlimited storage without aging.


  • Dimensional stability;
  • Sealing performance is guaranteed not affected by insufficient lubrication;
  • Produced by CNC processing methods, need no mold cost, ideal for small number of diverse seal parts;
  • The combination of different sealing materials and springs can effectively reduce the abrasion and friction resistance and realize different sealing performance to meet various valve application requirements such as operating pressure, temperature, fluids or gases of the flow.
  • Better chemical corrosion resistance and heat resistance than the common rubber seals, no sealing performance failure caused by expansion or shrinkage.


  • Valve, pump, compressor
  • Petroleum and fine chemical industriesLiquid chromatograph, rotary joint, semiconductor equipment
  • Pharmaceutical equipment, food equipment, medical equipment manufacturing
  • Aerospace, aerospace industry
Size 2.5-17.0mm
linear velocity 15 m / s, max
Temperate range From -196 ° C to +296 ° C
Pressure range Static load≤75Mpa,max;

Dynamic load≤45Mpa,max

Outer ring material PTFE, modified PTFE, PEEK, filled PEEK, Dyneon, PVDF, PPS
Inner spring material Stainless steels: F301, F304, F316 , 17-7PH, ;

Nickel alloy: Hastelloy C276, Inconel 718 , etc;