What’s dome valve?

In the field of power, metallurgy, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, there are often need to transfer high-temperature particles or powder raw materials to the specified container, where a quick cut-off valve, dome valve is needed can be used here to cut off the medium and obtained sealing.

It can cut off the flowing material into the pressure tank or close to achieve sealing so as to ensure the filling rate of the pressure tank is 100% without a material level gauge, safe and reliable. The inflatable pressure sealing ring embedded in the dome seat ensures the working pressure difference between upstream and downstream of the valve and avoids the abrasion of the sealing ring. The dome valve is mainly operated by pneumatic actuators, the linear cylinder or sector cylinder is fully closed driven, which offers a large output torque. When the valve is opened and closed, there is no contact between the valve core and the inflatable rubber sealing ring, reliable sealing performance and can work under severe working conditions.

Working principle:

The ball valve is opened/closed with a gap of about 2mm between the spool and the rubber seal ring, allowing them to move in a contactless manner without causing or reducing wear. Fully sealed straight or sector cylinder drives the dome valve to rotate, effectively preventing dust caused by wear, leakage, etc. When the dome valve is closed, the rubber seal ring inflates, expands, and presses tightly against the spherical dome spool, forming a reliable seal ring band that prevents material flow.

Features of the dome valve:

1. Lightweight, fast action, switch only 5~8 seconds, valve drive pneumatic, is the ideal part in the pipeline automation system;

2. The ball has no friction with the sealing ring in the whole process of opening and closing, which improves the service life of the valve to a limited extent;

3. Upper and lower stem bushings are self-lubricating, with small friction coefficient, flexible opening and closing, and reliable sealing performance;

4. The valve switch signal device can realize remote automatic control. Integrated and quick connector for easy operation.



DN, mm 50 80 100 150 200 250 300
Working pressure, MPa ≤1.0
Working temperature ℃ ≤200
Air source Pressure, MPa 0.4~0.6
Gas consumption, L/time 1~3
Medium Granule, dry ash, dry powder materials, etc
Material Valve body: WCB;

Doom: WCB+Chromeplate/Ni60

Seat: Butyl rubber/Viton

Stem/bonnet/York: A105

Cylinder: Aluminum alloy

Notes: The filling pressure of the rubber sealing ring should be 0.30 ~ 0.60MPa and higher than the conveying pressure 0.15MPa, the working pressure of the cylinder should be 0.45 ~ 0.65MPa, and the compressed air should be clean, dry and oil-free.


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