PTFE Oil Seal For Valve

Our PTFE oil seals (rotary lip seals) are made of high-performance soft elastomeric materials PTFE and PTFE blended sealing elements with a metal (Stainless steel) casing designed for where need axial or radial rotation to bridge the gap between conventional elastomer lip seals and mechanical face seals. They work well in extreme temperatures, aggressive media, high surface speeds and high pressure or lack of lubrication, has been widely used where required extreme sealing in oil & gas, automotive, power & energy, industrial and electronics.


  • Abrasive loose Media
  • Enhanced pressure resistance
  • Extreme Run-out and unlimited servicelife
Size 10 to 200 mm
Speed ≤15m/s
Max PV (dry/lub) 207 MPa
Temperate range From 196°C up to 260°C
Shaft Tolerances +/- 15 µm
Pressure range 0 to 0.5 MPa
Material Polymer material lip(PTFE)

Metal casing (Stainless steel)