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The lining material for the lined valve

Lined valve, is a type of fluorine plastic lined corrosion-resistant valve, which lined fluorine resin (or by special processing) in steel or iron valve pressure bearing inner wall or the surface of inner parts bt the molding or injection process for strong corrosion medium. Simply put, the lining material needs to be filled in the […]

What’s the Eccentric semi-ball valve used for?

The eccentric semi-ball valve is consist of the valve body, eccentric shaft, valve cover, semi-ball, bushings, valve seat, and other parts, it rotates the eccentric shaft by 90 °to open/close the valve to cut off the medium, suitable for sewage disposal, petroleum, chemical, electricity and paper industries processing of slurry, slurry ash, paper pulp, alumina […]

What’s dome valve?

In the field of power, metallurgy, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, there are often need to transfer high-temperature particles or powder raw materials to the specified container, where a quick cut-off valve, dome valve is needed can be used here to cut off the medium and obtained sealing. It can cut off the flowing […]

What’s pinch valve?

Pinch valve, also known as hose valve, is a unique structure of the valve that consists of aluminum alloy/cast steel body, rubber sleeve, valve stem gate, guide pillar and other parts. With the features of convenient opening, good sealing performance and cost-saving, the pinch valve is an economical alternative to a gate valve, globe valve […]

The extraction check valve for high pressure turbine

In the last article, we introduced the ventilator valve, blowdown valve and reverse flow valve for turbine system, here today we will continue talking about the extraction check valve for high-pressure turbine When the valve opens, the cylinder takes steam, the flowing medium pushes the valve plate to open the valve, the greater the medium flow, […]

The pressure reducing valve VS overflow valve

Both the pressure reducing valve and overflow valve can be used to regulate the pressure and maintain the safety of the pipeline. The pressure reducing valve is a pressure regulating valve that makes the valve outlet pressure lower than the inlet pressure, mainly used to reduce the pressure of a branch oil line in the […]