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Why is the anti-static design essential for ball valve?

Static electricity is a common physical phenomenon. When two different materials friction, the transfer of electrons produces electrostatic charge, this process is called friction electrification. In theory, two objects of different materials can produce static electricity when they rub together, but two objects of the same material cannot. When the phenomenon produced in the valve […]

What is the difference between a relief valve and safety valve?

Safety valves and relief valves have similar structure and performance, both of which discharge internal media automatically when the pressure exceeds the set value to ensure the safety of the production device. Because of this essential similarity, the two are often confused and their differences are often overlooked as they are interchangeable in some production […]

Nitrogen blanketing system for storage tanks

Nitrogen blanketing system is complete of devices to maintain a constant pressure state by injecting N2 gas, that is, inert gas to the upper room of the tank storage. It is composed of a series of Nitrogen high pressure reducing valve (supplying valves/bleeding valves), breather valves, pressure gage and other piping system and safety device, […]

What are breather valves?

Sometimes referred to as pressure and vacuum relief valve, the breather valve is an important part for atmospheric tanks & vessels in which solvents are filled and drawn at a high flow rate. This type of valve is installed in the in-and out-breathing lines of tanks, vessels and process equipment to retain toxic vapors and […]

API Fire Test Specification for Valves: API 607 VS API 6FA

Valves used in some industries, such as the petrochemical industry, have the potential danger of fire, should be specially designed to make them still have certain sealing performance and operating performance under high-temperature fire. A fire safe test is an important method to measure the fire resistance of the valve. At present, there are There […]

What’s steam trap?

Steam traps are a type of valve that automatically discharges condensate, air, and carbon dioxide gas from heating equipment or steam lines while minimizing steam leakage. Traps allow uniform heating of equipment or piping to prevent water hammer effect in steam pipelines. According to its mechanisms or operation principles, steam traps can be divided into […]