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Self-actuated regulator VS Relief Valve

Both the relief valve and the self-operated regulator are regulated by the pressure of the medium itself. The relief valve is controlled by the spring and the pressure area of the valve core corresponding to a relatively stable pressure, on the basis of the installation of a pilot pressure pipe in the valve head cylinder […]

What’s sluice gate valve?

Similar with the knife gate valve in shape, the sluice gate valve is a type of manually screw operated gate, also known as a sluice gate valve. The sluice gate valve is mainly composed of frame, gate, screw, nut and other parts used for slurry and abrasive fluid systems. By turning the handwheel, the screw […]

Types of check valve

The check valve is a kind of valve that depends on the medium flow itself to open and close automatically to prevent the reverse flow, also known as the reverse valve, one-way valve, non-return valve(NRV) and backpressure valve. The purpose of the check valve is to prevent reverse flow of the medium, to prevent the […]

The overlay welding(hardfacing) for valve sealing

Sealing surface is the key part of the valve, in the sealing surface surfacing welding a layer of a special alloy, that is, hard facing or overlaying, can improve the hardness of the valve sealing surface, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, reduce the cost, and improve the service life of the valve. The quality of […]

What’s orifice valves and what’s used for?

Orifice valve is a type of flow metering throttling device which can measure all single-phase fluid including water, air, steam, oil, etc., has been widely used in power plants, chemical plants, oil fields and natural gas pipelines. Its working principle is that when the fluid with certain pressure flows through the orifice part in the […]