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Plug valve VS ball valve

Plug valve with one piece top -entry design has a lot of similarities with a one piece top – entry ball valve. Strictly speaking, ball valve and plug valve are the same types of valve due to their similar function and characteristics and both of them have a very wide range of applications. Today we […]

New products: Intelligent voice-activated valve

There are too many types of valve in industrial fields. Intelligent valve transmission command information through digital communication and network, such as valve opening, operation times, operation speed, output torque and other valves. It can remotely set the valve opening range, change valve characteristics, adjust blind area and remote adjustment. The PERFECT factory has developed […]

What’s the advantages and disadvantages of plug valve?

Plug valve is a kind of fast on-off through conduit valve, the friction caused by the movement between the sealing surface under the condition of fully-open can completely prevent the contact with the flowing medium, therefore it can usually be used for the medium with suspended particles. In addition, plug valves are easily adapted to […]

How to distinguish the globe valve and gate valve?

Globe valve and gate valves are the most frequently valves in piping systems, someone may be confused about them due to their similarities in structural construction, material grades, trims and other technical specifications. Here we will teach you how to distinguish the globe valve and gate valve.   Difference structural and installation Gate valves are […]