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Titanium and titanium alloy valve

Titanium alloy valve is a broad concept, refers to the valve that the body and internal parts are made of titanium alloy or valves that the body material is carbon steel or stainless steel, and internal parts are made of titanium alloy valve. As well as we knew, Titanium is a reactive structural metal that […]

The globe valve in ammonia application

Ammonia is an important raw material for the manufacture of nitric acid, ammonium salt and amine. Ammonia is a gas at room temperature and can be liquefied under pressure. Most metals such as Stainless steel, Aluminum, Lead, Magnesium, Titanium, etc. have excellent corrosion resistance to ammonia gas, liquid ammonia and ammonia water. Cast iron and […]

Emergency Block Valve (EBV) for Refinery plant

The emergency block valve is also known as an emergency shutdown valve (ESDV) or an emergency isolation valve (EIV). API RP 553, specification of Refinery Valves and Accessories for Control and Safety Instrumented Systems, defined emergency block valve as follows: “Emergency block valves are designed to control a hazardous incident. These are valves for emergency […]

The flow rate of common medium through a valve

Valve flow and flow rate mainly depend on the valve size, structure, pressure, temperature and medium concentration, resistance and other factors. The flow and flow rate is interdependent, under the condition of a constant flow value when the flow rate increase, the valve port area is small and the resistance of the medium is large, […]

The Flow resistance coefficient and pressure loss for valve

Valve resistance and pressure loss are different but they are so closely related, to understand their relationship, you must first understand the coefficient of resistance and the coefficient of pressure loss. Flow resistance coefficient depends on different flow structure, valve opening and medium flow rate, is a variable value. Generally speaking, fixed structure of the […]