Self-actuated regulator VS Relief Valve

Both the relief valve and the self-operated regulator are regulated by the pressure of the medium itself. The relief valve is controlled by the spring and the pressure area of the valve core corresponding to a relatively stable pressure, on the basis of the installation of a pilot pressure pipe in the valve head cylinder can adjust accurately the before and after valve pressure, that is, the self-operated regulator. Is there any difference between the self-actuated regulator and a relief valve?

  1. Different purpose. The self-operated regulator is intended to regulate while the relief valve is only for pressure reduction. The self-operated regulator is mainly to maintain the stability of pressure and pressure reducing valve is mainly to reduce the pressure to a safe value;
  2. The pressure reducing valve can be adjusted to the pressure manually. If the pressure in front of the valve changes greatly, frequent adjustment is needed. The self-operated control valve is automatic according to a set, objective value, the pressure can be constant after adjustment; If the pressure before and after the valve changes at the same time, the relief valve cannot automatically adjust to the fixed pressure, while the self-operated regulator can automatically maintain the back pressure or the pressure before the valve stable;
  3. The self-operated regulating valve can not only regulate the pressure before and after the valve but also control the differential pressure, temperature, liquid level, flow rate, etc. The relief valve can reduce the pressure after the valve only, single function;
  4. The adjusting accuracy of the relief valve is higher, generally 0.5, and the self-operated regulator is generally 8-10%;
  5. Different application. The self-operated regulator is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry and other industries. The relief valve is mainly used in water supply, fire control, heating and central air conditioning systems.

Generally speaking, the self-operated regulator is mainly used in the pipeline below DN80 and the pneumatic regulating valve is larger for pipe diameter. Relief valve needs to be equipped with a fixed set of valves because it is easy to leak, that is, the globe valve and the connecting valve are installed for maintenance and debugging at both ends of the control valve, and the relief valve and pressure gauge shall be set after pressure reducing.

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