New products: Intelligent voice-activated valve

There are too many types of valve in industrial fields. Intelligent valve transmission command information through digital communication and network, such as valve opening, operation times, operation speed, output torque and other valves. It can remotely set the valve opening range, change valve characteristics, adjust blind area and remote adjustment.

The PERFECT factory has developed a unique intelligent voice-controlled valve. The in-ear earphone has the ability to sense the environment and can connect the external cavity of the earphone with the internal cavity. Most products on the market receive external sound through the electrical signal of the microphone, which will increase the power consumption, while the first miniature acoustic control valve will not. Due to the fact that the micro-acoustic electronic valve is a physical channel, the ambient sound received by it has not been processed twice. Compared with the electrical signal of the microphone, it sounds more natural without delay and distortion.

Over the past years, PERFECT has cooperated with many research and development institutions to make every product in good faith. With our unique technical advantages and rich production experience, coupled with strict product testing, our company has always been committed to providing innovative solutions to optimize the user experience.

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