API Fire Test Specification for Valves: API 607 VS API 6FA

Valves used in some industries, such as the petrochemical industry, have the potential danger of fire, should be specially designed to make them still have certain sealing performance and operating performance under high-temperature fire. A fire safe test is an important method to measure the fire resistance of the valve. At present, there are There are several organizations who provides procedures
relevant to the testing of petrochemical equipment for its functionality when exposed to fire like API, ISO, EN, BS ect, of which they differ slightly in test methods and specifications. Today here we learn the requirements for API fire resistance test, including API 607, API 6FA, API 6FD. They are fire safe tests for valve 6D and 6A.

API 607-2010 Fire Test for Quarter-Turn Valves and Valves Equipped with Nonmetallic seats such as ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve. Fire test requirements for actuators (e. g., electric, pneumatic, hydraulic) other than manual actuators or other similar mechanisms (when they are part of the normal valve assembly) are not covered by this standard. API 6FA applies to quarter-turn soft seated valves as covered in API 6D and API 6A, pipeline valves include ball and plug valves, for example, ball valves, gate valves, plug valves but check valves are not included and the fire test for check valves is specified in API 6FD. API 6A is the standard for wellhead and tree equipment safety valves, corresponding to ISO 10423 and API 6D is the standard for line ball valves, corresponding to ISO 14316.


Comparation of  API 607 and API 6FA

Specification API 607, 4ed API 6FA


DN for All


DN for All
Sealing Soft sealed Not specified
End connection ANSI ANSI
Body material Not specified Not specified
Test liquid Water Water
Position of ball Closed Closed
Position of stem Horizontal Horizontal
Temperature 760-980℃ of flame

≥650℃ of body

760-980℃ of flame

≥650℃ of body

Burn period 30 minutes 30 minutes
Pressure during burn period Acc. to pressure rating

e.g ANSI 600=74.7bar

Acc. to pressure rating

e.g ANSI 600=74.7bar

Leakage test during burn period, internal Do not include company standards such as EXXON, SNEA  etc. Max 400ml*inch/min
Leakage test during burn period, external Max 100ml*inch/min Max 100ml*inch/min


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