The valves to be used in sub-marine environments for isolation and controlling can be referred as subsea valve. Subsea valve is characterized by high pressure resistance, large diameter and low torque, mainly used in offshore oil and gas engineering pipeline system and transportation pipeline, or deep-sea submersible sometimes. The valves designed for superb sealing can be up to a depth of 4000 meter and mainly the type of ball valves, gate valve, check valve remotely by hydraulic actuators, ROV and handwheel ( for shallow water).

PERFECT manufacture and provide various valves for harsh subsea environments. That valves can be designed with the actuator configuration required to meet your needs such as trunnion mounted ball valve, subsea floating ball valve, subsea double expanding gate valve, subsea check valve. Our subsea valve is available from ANSI 1500 class up to 2500 pressure and We can also accept the OEM design. Please review the charts below for available sizes & pressure & material or fill the contact form below.

  • The submarine design offers high pressure resistance, large diameter and low torque;
  • Various available types of the valve for subsea isolation and controlling;
  • Equipped with  types of operators like ROV receptacle tool and hydraulic actuators;
  • Applicable to low temperature range from -29°C up to 121°C;

Subsea valve design

Available types 
  • Subsea trunnion mounted ball valve
  • Subsea floating ball valve
  • Subsea double expanding gate valve
  • Subsea check valve
Design Standard
  • API 6DSS/ISO 14723
  • API 17D/ISO 13628-4
  • API 17A/ ISO 13628-1
  • API 17H/ ISO 13628-8
F to F Standard ASME B16.10
Testing Standard
  • ISO 10423
  • API 6A (at PSL Level)
End Connection Standard ASME B16.5
Size NPS 3/4″~12″(DN20~DN300)
Pressure Class Range: Up to ASME Class 2500
Ends Flange End, Butt weld, Screwed End
  • Body: WCB, CF8, CF8M, LCC, Hast Alloy,  Super Duplex, LCB, etc
  • Disc: WCB, CF8, CF8M, Hast Alloy, Super Duplex, LCB, etc
  • Seat: surface hardening with chromium alloy, cobalt alloy, nickel alloy, tungsten carbide, stainless steel and so on.

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