Steam Pressure reducing valves (PRV) are used in oil and gas, chemical, power, metallurgy, food field to regulate steam pressure in main line and large capacity process services. The adjustment bellows or diaphragm places downward pressure setting force directly on the control valve, can be used to maintain constant steam pressure, a steam flowmeter, or directly onto a process. It uses the medium itself to adjust the pressure and its set value can be quickly restored at will in the process of operation. They feature single seat, convenient maintenance, quick opening and closing, good sealing performance.

PERFECT is a fully stocked manufacturer and supplier of the direct acting pressure reducing valve and steam traps. We provide a complete line of bellows operated or diaphragm operated steam pressure reducing valve for sale that is supplied to commercial industries, available pressure class including ANSI 150, ANSI 300, ANSI 600, ANSI 900, ANSI 1500 and ANSI 2500. We also offer various grades of materials for your different application choices and also accept the customized design. Please review the charts below for available sizes & pressure & material or fill the contact form below.

  • The bellows pressure balance structure offers high sensitivity, quick opening and closing;
  • Reliable sealing performance and low maintenance cost
  • Single seated, Stainless steel valve disc and cast iron body with flanged connections
  • Bellows operated type is a perfect choice for simple applications where accurate control is not essential and smaller capacity, while the diaphragm type steam pressure reducing valve is for large capacity.

Direct acting steam pressure reducing valves design

Drive Actuation   Gearbox, Actuator
Design Standard
  • API 6D
  • ASME B16.34
F to F Standard ASME B16.10
Testing Standard API 598
End Connection Standard ASME B16.5
Size 1/2″ up to 36″
Pressure Class Range 150 LBS up to 2500 LBS
Ends BW, RF, FF, SW
  • Materials: A105, CF8, CF8M, G4A, G6A, INC625, WCB, 316, F-51, HASTC22, INCOLOY825, Duplex stainless steel …

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