Metal Seat inserts

Mechanical seals and sealing systems parts are used on a variety of rotating equipment, including valves, pumps, compressors, mixers, steam turbines and other specialty equipment in the field of oil and gas, chemical processing, water, pharmaceutical and other general industries.

The surface of the metal seal offers high hardness and specified hardness intercept, that the hardness and abrasion resistance can be enhanced by surface hardening. Metal sealing materials mainly including chromium alloy, cobalt alloy, nickel alloy, tungsten carbide, stainless steel and so on.

Metal seat inserts construction consists only in a couple of metallic seat ring (without inserts) and the surface in contact with the ball is hardfaced with Copper alloy (for low-pressure valve), Chromium stainless steel (for common high and medium pressure valve), Stellite alloy (for high temperature, pressure and high corrosion application), Nickel base alloy (for corrosive medium), Tungsten Carbide or other materials, which makes the design long durable and reliable and able to achieve classes V /VI leakage class. These alloy seat assemblies provide positive support for seat face and minimize the possibility of seat damage due to changes in line pressure and thermal differentials.

Size NPS 1-40 (DN25-1000)
Pressure class ANSI Class 150~2500(PN16~420)
Temperature Cryogenic, room temperature or high temperature above 250℃
Material ASTM A105, A350 LF2, A182 F304, A182 F316, A182 F6A, A182 F51, A182 F53, A182 F55, A564 630(17-4PH), Copper, Monel, Inconel.
Surfacing treatment Hardfaced with INCONEL alloy, hard chromium (Hardness up to 70 HRC), tungsten carbide (Hardness up to 85 HRC), chromium carbide, Stellite (Hardness up to 45 HRC), INCONEL alloy, special, ect.