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Factory implements the quality management system strictly

PERFECT is specialized in industrial valves sales and service. We offer the valve solution in harsh and rigorous working condition for customers, especially in high temperature, high pressure and extra cryogenic circumstances sea water and other corrosive media.

Our factory implements the quality management system, strictly controls the quality protection system and project process, and controls the product quality from the aspects of drawing review, raw materials, factory manufacturing, delivery test and 72-hour operation test on the construction site, so as to ensure that the product quality process can be traced.

In the bidding contract, we guarantee the valves for tender are made of reasonable technology and qualified materials and comply the quality, specifications and performance requirements of the tender,to ensure the correct installation of equipment, normal operation and maintenance and the satisfactory performance of its useful life.

After the completion of the equipment manufacturing, our company will make a detailed and comprehensive examination of the quality and performance requirements stipulated according to the contract. If the quality can meet the requirements, we will issue the product certification and inspect records and notify the buyer to inspect and accept the equipment in our factory.

In the warranty period, there are any defects on the design, technology, material and any deficiency or malfunction, equipment replacement, repair costs involved and the consequent losses shall be borne by the company, with a corresponding extension of the replacement and repair part’s quality assurance period.


PERFECT is accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14000, along with numerous other standards approvals (available on request). We can provide full certification for all industrial valves supplied including copies of test certificates and our own report certificate.

Our range of other supplies includes:

  • Valves related equipment
  • Design inputs and engineering solutions
  • Certificate guaranteed
  • Installation project
  • Accessory supplying
  • Safety testing

PERFECT provides customers with world-class designed, fabricated and machined valves. When you need valves in stock sizes and pressure and when you need customized valves for your special needs, we are always on your side.